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We are open 7 days a week, including appointments on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. New patients welcome!

We are open 7 days a week, including appointments on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays. New patients welcome!

Testimonials/ Reviews - Dental Emergency Care, Mobile Dentistry specialty

I have had extensive dental work performed by Dr. Bakri. I had a very complex, full implant-supported upper bridge six plus years ago, and never had one day’s discomfort or complaint. The appearance is great and it feels just like having my own teeth. Dr. Bakri is a skilled Prosthodontist with a very compassionate manner. I would highly recommend him.

Colleen R.

I was in need of a dentist for my Aunt. Her teeth were very bad, she had not gone out of the house for over a year, she is 82 years old. I found Dr. Bakri, and he made an appointment for that same week, on a Sunday. That was good for me because I live out of state. He came to her apartment, he was so nice to her, took the time to talk to her, listened to what she had to say. Took some X-rays and told us what he would need to do to help her. We made the appointment to get her teeth extracted. We went to his office for the procedure. Everything went great. He took his time with her. She did so good. He called three days in a row to check on her. I would use Dr. Bakri again. He was so nice. I wish they had a service like this in my town.

H. K..
Sandy Channel
Mobile Dentistry patient

One evening, while waiting for a permanent bridge, my temporary bridge broke in half.  I left a phone message for Dr. Bakri explaining the problem. He returned my call the next morning and although it was the 4th of July, he suggested that I come to his office for help with my problem. This resulted in the preparation and installation of a new temporary bridge.

Not only did Dr. Bakri interrupt his holiday plans to take care of my emergency but he also refused to accept any monetary compensation.

Based upon his unselfish response to my emergency, it was obvious to me that Dr. Bakri was a dedicated professional who puts his patients first. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Bakri to anyone in need of a top-notch prosthodontist.

C. H.
Gibsonia, PA

I had been having trouble with my dentures for some time so when I received a notice that Dr. Bakri would be coming to my facility as the 'in-house' dentist I signed up for an appointment right away.

My upper denture (I don't have a bottom one) was falling down when I ate, smiled, or talked. When Dr. Bakri came to examine my mouth, he said “This will not do. I can make you a new denture that will solve the problem.” And he did! First he took an impression with which he was satisfied. Then he took away my old device which I had had for years and said he would notify me when he had completed my new set of teeth. Installing the new set required removing my remaining two front teeth which he said would be without pain. It was true. Dr. Bakri always cares that the patient is comfortable and satisfied. So now I have beautiful teeth that are secure and I can smile or talk without embarrassment. A few weeks later I was having some pain and Dr. Bakri came the next day to make an adjustment. He comes with his suitcase of dental equipment and sets to work efficiently.

Two days ago, Kathleen a physical therapist here said, “I like your teeth!” I told her thank you--Dr. Bakri made them!

C. S.
Pittsburgh, PA
Mobile Dentistry patient

I have been a patient of Dr. Bakri for ten years. The first time I went to him I  had a filling out on a Sunday morning. I found his number in the phone book. Called him, and he told to come in right away.

He fixed my tooth and I see him twice a year. The weekend hours he has are very convenient for me. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

R. T.
Greater Pittsburgh area, PA

School was out for spring break and my youngest son was spending the day at my sister's while I was at work. My sister called late in the day stating that my son had been hurt and his tooth was broken. It was one of his bottom front teeth. I told her I was calling the dentist and would call her back. When I called my dentist, he was on vacation that week, but the message stated to call Dr. Bakri for any emergencies. I then called Dr. Bakri and explained the situation. Dr. Bakri asked me to have my sister take a picture of the tooth and text it to him. My sister did as Dr. Bakri requested and then Dr. Bakri called me to say he needed to see my son as soon as possible, but that he was not in the office today and as soon as he found a location for me to meet him, he would call. After Dr. Bakri calling me with the location, I immediately took my son to meet him. Dr. Bakri examined the tooth and completed x-rays. He then sealed and repaired my son's tooth.

Thanks to Dr. Bakri’s quick action, my son still has a healthy vital tooth and the fixed tooth looks completely normal and natural. Not only was Dr. Bakri’s quick action effective with saving my son’s tooth, it was only a total of 3 hours from receiving my sister's call to having the tooth completely fixed. Dr. Bakri showed extreme knowledge in what he needed to do as well as showed a very deep compassion by treating my son as if it was his own child’s broken tooth. Three days after my son having his tooth fixed my phone rang, and it was Dr. Bakri asking how his tooth was and wanting to know how he was doing. This phone call took me by complete surprise and showed that Dr. Bakri genuinely cares about his patients and the care they receive.

S. J.
Greater Pittsburgh area, PA

Dr. Hassan Bakri is always just a phone call away, whenever one of our residents is in need of a Dentist, we just give him a call and he responds quickly. He is very professional and displays respect with everyone he comes in contact with. He communicates with the resident and the family member before he starts any procedure. He is very reliable and we are very fortunate to have a Dentist that will serve our residents in their Home.

C. A.
Wellness Manager
Senior living facility, Pittsburgh

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